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Salary costs per student

13 September 2011
by admin

One way to measure education performance is to look at the total cost of teachers’ salaries compared with the number of students being taught. According to the OECD’s Education at a Glance, Luxembourg has the highest salary cost in primary and secondary education, reflecting a combination of relatively high teachers’ salaries and smaller class size. In contrast, in Chile class size is far larger, and teachers’ pay is lower, leading to relatively low overall salary costs in education.


In France, salary costs are just over the OECD average, with extensive and costly instruction time being counteracted by relatively low teachers’ wages. In Germany, high wages explain why salary costs are considerably higher than in France.

Our charts help users compare performance by salary, class size, instruction time and teaching time. If a class is big, salary costs are lower, for instance, and lowest in Korea, and highest in Portgual in upper secondary education. Likewise, the longer students stay in school for instruction, the more this drives up salary costs. In effect, the countries with the highest salary costs as a result of this factor are France and Israel, with the lowest being Poland.

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