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OECD video competition: Your chance to vote!

23 March 2011
by Patrick Love

Progress is... not making this kind of movie anymore



Piranha II : The Spawning. Amblin. Dementia 13.

It wasn’t always your Avatars, ETs and Apocalypses now for famous film directors. Everybody has to start somewhere, and who knows, maybe in years to come some of the entries in our “Progress is…” video competition will achieve the same cult status as those early offerings from Cameron, Spielberg and Coppola (whose first film was actually a porno, but this is a family blog).

Anyway, if you know talent when you see it, click on the OECD 50th Anniversary Video Competition and vote for the one you think deserves to win a trip to Paris in May.

There’s a selection from all over the world, OECD and non-OECD countries, with all kinds of styles – animation, interview, mini-documentary – and an even wider range of arguments.

So, is progress something to do with education? An aspiration like sharing burdens and all of us working together? Something more abstract like balance or awareness? Or very concrete like using taxes to fund development?

Remember, you saw it first here.



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