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PISA … the results are (almost) in

6 December 2010
by Brian Keeley

Wish you'd done your homework?

Expect to see education in the news over the next couple of days. That’s because the OECD is about to release the results from the latest round of its international PISA programme of student assessment. In total, about 470,000 students took part in PISA 2009 in 65 places around the world – from Australia to Uruguay.

When the results are released on Tuesday, much of the coverage will focus on the country rankings – who’s No. 1 and how well did each country do. But perhaps of greater interest is what PISA has to say about why students do – or don’t do – well. Dig past the headlines and there’s a mine of information about the impact of factors like students’ social background and their motivation to learn.

A press conference  announcing the results of PISA 2009 will begin on Tuesday 7 December, at 10am GMT/UTC (that’s 5am in New York, 11am in Paris, 7pm in Tokyo), and will be streamed live on the OECD website.

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